Full Scale Transport Mock-Ups

For the rail industry, aerospace industry and automotive industry, we are involved in the manufacture of many full size interior mock-ups and full size exterior mock-ups before then progressing with the manufacture of full appearance interior/exterior builds. We also undertake conceptual ‘refresh’ work of existing interior elements of train carriages, aircraft interiors and car interiors currently in service.

We are also very active in the development of commercial aviation cabin spaces and full appearance seating development for international airlines. Unfortunately the majority of this work is of a sensitive nature and subject to very strict non-disclosure agreements which prevent us showing images of the most exiting projects.

At Curvature Group we are also expert in the construction of large freestanding aerospace mockups which can be very challenging to manufacture due to the conditions with which they are expected to be displayed and the fact that they have to be self-supporting on their own undercarriage. The ability to engineer and manufacture in-house, all manner of solutions to enable the rapid manufacture of long lasting large scale realisations and offer total logistical support within the UK, Europe and the rest of the world really sets Curvature Group apart from our competitors.

Scale Models

In addition to prototype models we also have an enviable reputation in the field of scale models for the Marine, Aerospace and Automotive industries.

Plus 3 have been working with Curvature Group continually for over 5 years and are looking forward to continuing our relationship in the future. From a designers perspective the key qualities of Quality, Flexibility, Professional approach and Speed are all reflected in the Curvature Group approach and results. This service is delivered with enthusiasm, providing ideas and incite throughout the product journey. So often RP companies take the data and move to manufacture without questioning how it could be improved, rationalised or made more cost effective. Curvature Group offer a multi disciplined approach and experience allowing them to question data and provide valuable incite into a project. This process can reduce the requirement for additional work and therefore cost. We consider Curvature Group as a valuable part of our design and development team and not just an RP resource.
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