Industrial Product Prototypes & Model Making

This area has been serviced for the past 17 years under the Benchmark name and has traded on its reputation of being regarded throughout industry as a premier supplier of full appearance models. Accolades include being Nokia’s globally ranked No1 vendor for 3 years running.

Since coming under the Curvature Group umbrella, facility sharing of a far greater level has enabled this division to grow in strength. We have been able to develop more and more to constantly raise the expectation, content and quality of our models and prototypes. With the added support of the rest of the group we are able to produce the highest quality models from basic design evaluation through to computer controlled interactive working prototypes.

We are just as comfortable working alongside single person consultancies as well as the very largest organisations that house many household global brands.

At any level, we offer the same personal and professional service with everyone we come in contact with.

Scale Models

In addition to prototype models we also have an enviable reputation in the field of scale models for the Marine, Aerospace and Automotive industries.

In 2013, Curvature Group worked tirelessly to deliver a very complex, full size, working, aircraft five seat model within a very compressed timescale. The final product was designed and finished to an exceptional level, which completely surpassed our expectations and demonstrated an extremely high level of expertise. They demonstrated throughout this project, a thorough commitment to us and the project and we are very proud of the result. We are looking forward to working with them again in the near future.