Model Making

A model or prototype must be the single most important tool to get your product message across to those where 2-dimensions does not compute. A cheap, badly executed model will do your cause no favours. A good model will help you sell your idea, but a professionally manufactured and highly detailed model, tactile in every way, will complete the message that you are trying to convey and take your product, whatever it may be, one step closer to the production line.

At Curvature Group we offer a full model making service. With an eye for detail, budget and turnaround, we can produce exceptional industrial, conceptual and scale models quickly and cost effectively utilising a combination of modern CAD design and manipulation, through all forms of modern CNC technology, rapid prototyping, vacuum casting, finishing and trimming techniques. We are even expert in traditional hand craft skills if warranted for use!

Prototype Models

In today’s design environment, reducing the development time of a product is the preoccupation of all manufacturers as the pace to market for all products can often be the essence for success of that very product. For this reason, it has never been more important to define a product in the form of a prototype / ‘proof of concept’ model. Our considerable ability and experience in model making and `lifelike’ and ‘showroom quality’ finishing gives us a distinct advantage over that of our competition and it’s this, coupled with our unique understanding of how to replicate the characteristics of feel, texture and colour, without compromising the design detailing which has proved an essential asset to our clients.

Scale Models

In addition to prototype models we also have an enviable reputation in the field of scale models for the Marine, Aerospace and Automotive industries.

Client Testimonials

Plus 3 have been working with Curvature Group continually for over 5 years and are looking forward to continuing our relationship in the future. From a designers perspective the key qualities of Quality, Flexibility, Professional approach and Speed are all reflected in the Curvature Group approach and results. This service is delivered with enthusiasm, providing ideas and incite throughout the product journey. So often RP companies take the data and move to manufacture without questioning how it could be improved, rationalised or made more cost effective. Curvature Group offer a multi disciplined approach and experience allowing them to question data and provide valuable incite into a project. This process can reduce the requirement for additional work and therefore cost. We consider Curvature Group as a valuable part of our design and development team and not just an RP resource.
Plus 3 Ltd