Aerospace Model Making

Curvature Group has been associated with the aerospace industry since 1953. We can cater for one-off interactive demonstration models as well as short-run production (typically from between 25 – 500 units) of liveried desktop models or larger. The aerospace sector not only covers commercial airlines, we are also very much involved with the defence sector of the aerospace industry.

We regularly receive commissions for projects such as scale replica missiles the size of a ball point pen for promotional use through to full size weapons and radar equipment that can be mounted under the wing of a real aircraft for design validation and / or, display at the world’s many Air Shows.


More recently, we have produced all of the models, large and small that have been used for the exciting Virgin Galactic project from initial World Press Launch, through to high end gift and subsequent promotional merchandise. We are now constantly producing miniature replicas right up to the full size mockup as was seen at Farnborough Airshow in 2012.

Scale Models

In addition to prototype models we also have an enviable reputation in the field of scale models for the Marine, Aerospace and Automotive industries.

Plus 3 have been working with Curvature Group continually for over 5 years and are looking forward to continuing our relationship in the future. From a designers perspective the key qualities of Quality, Flexibility, Professional approach and Speed are all reflected in the Curvature Group approach and results. This service is delivered with enthusiasm, providing ideas and incite throughout the product journey. So often RP companies take the data and move to manufacture without questioning how it could be improved, rationalised or made more cost effective. Curvature Group offer a multi disciplined approach and experience allowing them to question data and provide valuable incite into a project. This process can reduce the requirement for additional work and therefore cost. We consider Curvature Group as a valuable part of our design and development team and not just an RP resource.
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