CNC Machining


Utilizing your 3D CAD files, Curvature Group can CNC machine parts from nearly any material. The advantages of this technology are numerous, for example: parts can be produced from production materials, tolerances can be held tight and turnaround time can often be quicker than any other prototyping technology with complete dimensional accuracy maintained throughout.

We mill and machine materials like aluminum and plastics plus more challenging to machine materials like stainless steels, copper and Titanium with extreme precision. You can be assured that our machined parts will meet your exacting tolerances.

13 CNC Milling Machines

We operate thirteen CNC milling machines with the larger 5-axis machines having bed sizes of:

Client Testimonials

Plus 3 have been working with Curvature Group continually for over 5 years and are looking forward to continuing our relationship in the future. From a designers perspective the key qualities of Quality, Flexibility, Professional approach and Speed are all reflected in the Curvature Group approach and results. This service is delivered with enthusiasm, providing ideas and incite throughout the product journey. So often RP companies take the data and move to manufacture without questioning how it could be improved, rationalised or made more cost effective. Curvature Group offer a multi disciplined approach and experience allowing them to question data and provide valuable incite into a project. This process can reduce the requirement for additional work and therefore cost. We consider Curvature Group as a valuable part of our design and development team and not just an RP resource.
Plus 3 Ltd